Happy 40th to Seabrokers

It is without a doubt 40 & Forward for our parent company Seabrokers Group

Autonomous mobility is today just one of many business areas Seabrokers Group is involved in. The history of Seabrokers shows a an ever evolving company that  thrives in different business sectors.

It started with offshore shipbrokering in 1982, when Ragnvald Albretsen established a pool of standby rescue vessels. This proved to be a great success. Today the shipbrokering unit operate from offices in Stavanger, Aberdeen and Rio de Janeiro. From shipping Seabrokers expanded into different markets, with subsidiaries in property, property management, foundation work, harbour cranes, sea surveillance, fish farming and more.

We are thrilled to be part of such a varied and exciting company, and congratulate Seabrokers with the anniversary. And we look forward to the next 40.

Mobility Forus is owned 50/50 by Seabrokers and Boreal Norway AS.

Linn Terese Marken
Managing Director
+47 902 15 738

Forusbeen 78
4033 Stavanger

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