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We serve both public and private organisations

We make user-friendly and beneficial mobility services possible. Through a process of trial and adaptation, we contribute to an environmentally friendly transport infrastructure with our self-driving buses.
Our customers include both public- and private-sector organisations that wish to solve a transport challenge. This could be joining a shopping centre to a train station, linking a parking garage to a city centre, or connecting people with each other in a business district.
We have gained unique experience, including through our operational responsibility for various projects. We help increase the use of public transport that is tailored to customers’ needs and based on current legislation and technology.

Feel free to contact us so that we can collaborate on a solution that meets your needs.

When it’s just
a stretch too far
to walk, one of our
autonomous buses
is a smart choice.

How can we help you with autonomous transport solutions?


• Testing of new vehicles
• Preliminary work/feasibility studies
• Consulting and workshops
• Surveying of sites and areas
• Risk analyses
• Demonstrations
• Applications and cooperating with regulatory authorities
• Assisting authorities to establish standardised legislation

Project implementation/operation

• System solutions
• Vehicles
• Personnel
• Systems control centre
• Project management
• Programming and start-up
• Day-to-day operations
• Research and development support
• Assisting authorities to establish standardised legislation

Our customers

• Public transport companies
• Municipalities/county councils
• Business/industrial parks
• Trade associations/business community
• Avinor/airports
• Hotels
• Shopping centres
• Campuses/universities
• Port authorities
• Cruise/tourist industry

Smart transport

Autonomous buses link bus routes and workplaces closer together. This makes it easier for people to leave their car at home.

Linn Terese Marken
Managing Director
+47 902 15 738

Vestre Svanholmen 12
4313 Sandnes

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