About us

About us

We make transportation smarter, more accessible and more
sustainable through autonomous transport solutions.

We are an established national company based at Forus in Stavanger. In recent years, we have been pioneering work on autonomous and sustainable vehicles. We are at the forefront of testing, developing, introducing and operating autonomous vehicles in Norway.

Since our inception, we have been involved in establishing legislation on the use of autonomous vehicles on Norway’s public roads. When the new legislation came into effect in 2018, we were the first company to apply for a licence to drive on public roads. We received approval to drive autonomous buses on public roads that same year – as the first company in Norway. There is now a self-driving bus route at Forus – free for everyone.

We have gained unique experience, including through our operational responsibility for various projects in collaboration with the public sector and the business community. We help increase the use of public transport that is adapted to customers’ needs and based on current legislation and technology.

We contribute to the establishment of future legal standards as well as to Norwegian research in our business area. In addition, we provide transport solutions, studies and fleet management, and will establish a planned national test centre for autonomous systems in the transport sector.

Our values are to be innovative, brave and highly involved. We focus on environmentally friendly solutions and make health, the environment and safety our top priorities.

Mobility Forus is a Norwegian private company that is owned 50/50 by Seabrokers Group and Boreal.

The UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Innovation and infrastructure
In our projects, we focus heavily on MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) in order to advance innovation, so that optimisation and adaptation are made on the basis of experience. New technology and new solutions are paramount to creating sustainable development. Starting new projects enables further research and contributes to standardisation processes in legislation and gaining experience that makes it possible to offer integrated solutions for public and private stakeholders.
Sustainable cities and communities
We at Mobility Forus facilitate good solutions that encourage people to use public transport in cities and local communities.
Climate action
All growth in personal transport should be by means of public transport systems, cycling and walking, and we see a growing need to offer a range of services to reduce car use. High-tech transport systems based on renewable energy increase the interest in transport technology for future generations. We offer a transport solution that is environmentally friendly, renewable and emissions-free.
Partnerships for the goals
Through public–private collaboration with academia, we are signalling a future-oriented focus on sustainable solutions for transporting employees, customers, partners and the public in general. We do this to achieve public-sector climate goals. We take project ideas out of PowerPoint and make them live!

Our partners

Seabrokers Group
Boreal Norge

Sintef, Smartfeeder prosjekt
The Institute of Transport Economics (TØI), Autobus

Municipalities/Local authorities
Gjesdal municipality
Sandnes municipality
Sola municipality
Sandnes municipality
Bodø municipality
Nordland County Council

Public-sector organisations, railway and public transportation companies
Forus Business Park
Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA)
Bane NOR
Norwegian Railway Directorate


Norwegian Tunnel Cluster
Nordic Edge
ITS Norge

The EU Horizon 2020 FABULOS (Future Automated Bus Urban Level Operation Systems) project

Linn Terese Marken
Managing Director
+47 902 15 738

Vestre Svanholmen 12
4313 Sandnes

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