Learn about
self-driving buses

Learn about
self-driving buses


Free self-driving bus at Forus!

Hop on and off between the main bus route in Koppholen and Vestre Svanholmen.
Weekdays 07:30–11:30 and 12:30–16:30

We will drive you between Vestre Svanholmen and the main bus route in Koppholen. Free for everyone!

Route map


Just a little bit too far
to get to the bus home
from work? Are you going
to a meeting at Forus? Or
maybe just curious? Then
try the free self-driving
bus at Forus.

Is there a difference between a self-driving bus and an autonomous bus?

They mean the same thing. Technical jargon often uses “autonomous bus”.

Why is there a driver/operator when the bus is driving on its own?

Because current legislation and technology require this. In the future, the bus driver/operator will not be on the bus, but will be sitting in a control room.

Can the buses go anywhere?

The buses can drive along the routes/in the areas where approval has been sought and granted by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).

How does the bus identify obstacles and stop?

It uses sensors and cameras that ensure it stops in front of obstacles.

Does the bus stop for everything?

The sensors work on several “layers” and reduce/calculate speed according to the obstacles. The bus also uses a stopping sensor that measures everything within five metres from the front of the bus, and will ensure the bus stops for all objects within that area.

How does the bus know the route – are there sensors on the roads?

The bus uses GPS technology, recognises objects along the route, and is pre-programmed.

Are there safety belts on board?


Why does the bus travel at 18–20 km/h?

The vehicle’s technology and current legislation determine the speed based on risk.

Will self-driving buses drive faster and farther in the future?

Yes, the technology will one day enable longer routes, such as the bus route in Stavanger.

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Managing Director
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